More than another missions conference.

Together, we can see every person hear the gospel and a church for every people in North America.

Connect and communicate with practitioners asking the same questions.

Get help removing barriers to get you to the next step.

Why focus on

God has brought people from gospel deprived regions of the world to North America. The unreached are now within reach in our cities.

The church in North America has the resources, but does she have the resolve to see the gospel go to every person and see a church for every people?

Come, connect, and collaborate toward that goal of seeing the gospel for every person and a church for every people in our lifetime.


September 28-30, 2023
Shoal Creek Community Church
6816 N Church Rd, Pleasant Valley, MO 64068


Does this sound like you?

This gathering is for practitioners who desire to see multiplying indigenous churches among every people in the urban centers of North America. Luke tells the true story of the Apostle Paul's first journey with John Mark and Barnabas in Acts thirteen and fourteen. He begins with the Holy Spirit setting apart Paul and Barnabas for the "work." Luke finishes the journey as the apostolic team tells of the "work" they had completed.

We desire to multiply the same: apostolic patterns of entry, gospeling, discipleship, church, and leadership development among the unreached peoples of North America. Using the five stewardships of a strategy coordinator: Target, Training, Teaming, Tools, and Tracking we seek to collaborate and contribute until we see a church for every people.

What to Expect

Who is this summit for?

Anyone who desires to see every person hear the gospel and a church for every people. 

Who is organizing this summit?

A coalition of North America practitioners that have a vision to see noplaceleft where the gospel is not.

How is this different from every other missions conference?

Following short introductions to strategic topics, opportunities will be given to learn and workshop with practitioners that are asking the same questions to help you remove barriers and get you to the next step.

The harvest is ripe and the time is now.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to see the kingdom advance where you are laboring.